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Über die Geniale Sandale

Free your feet!


Anyone who has ever walked barefoot through the grass knows how good it feels!

Each foot has 26 bones, which are connected by 33 joints and stabilized by 20 muscles and 114 ligaments. Here we can find  more sensory cells than in our face!

To quote Leonardo da Vinci at this point:
"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art"

When we lock our feet into solid shoes with rigid soles, heels, drop or cushioning, we inhibit their actual function: to feel the ground and give feedback to the brain.

The "Geniale Sandale" gives our feet the opportunity to use their full abilities. At the same time it protects us from sharp stones, resin, Lego, hot asphalt and all the other arguments why you can't go barefoot!


On top of that, they look amazing on your feet!



Who are we?

The brain behind the idea, the muscles behind the making and the soul of the whole.

In other words:

We are actually quite normal people who are enthusiastic about tying sandals to other people's feet!


The Idea

Of course we are not the first to come up with the idea of making sandals. Our way of lacing is based on the Tarahumara-Tribe in Mexico.

These masters of long-distance running cut out their sandals from old car tires and tie them to their feet with long leather straps in the same way we do.
Since the Rarámuri, as they are also called, sometimes run over 100km with their sandals, you can probably speak of a successful concept.
We don't use car tires. Also, instead of leather cords we use the more durable Paracord, but the running feeling is the same.

(It is possible that you are faster with sandals made of Ferrari tires, but the necessary studies are still missing)

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