Geniale Sandale
Barfußsandalen ~ handmade in Vienna

Welcome to our homepage!

We are already working hard on a whole english version of our page, unfortunately it`s still not done yet. 

However, you made your way to this page, and your effort shall be rewarded - here is a quick overview of who we are, what we do, and how you can get your own pair of Geniale Sandale:

Who we are

We are a small business, located in Vienna, where we produce all our sandals carefully by hand.

What we do

Walking completely barefoot is a healthy pleasure, but it`s oftentimes hard to accomplish. That`s why we made a sandal, as thin and light as possible, which keeps us from hurting our feet while stepping onto not-so-yummy-stuff. Like sharp stones, broken glass, chewing-gum, dog poo and other stuff. 

You can roll our sandals up, to carry them in your bag easily. They are not only perfect for backpacking, travelling and vacation, but also for everyday-use or as emergency-shoes. (In case of very uncomfortable high-heels, for example) 

The top layer is made either from real leather or vegan pineapple-leather. This layer is glued on the bottom layer - thermoplastic natural rubber. It`s resistant to abrasion, durable and very flexible. The lacing is either made from Paracord - a really durable lightweight nylon kernmantle rope - soft enough to comfort your feet, though strong enough to last for years, or you choose the sustainable rope of natural hemp. One pair costs 48€

How to order

Go to our Onlineshop

If you want to order your pair of Sandals you can first choose between brown or black leather, or natural or brown corc-leather on top. After deciding, you can choose again: the color of the Paracord-rope and the size. All sizes are EU-Sizes, if you are uncertain about your size, or any other decision, just write us an e-mail: 

Review in English - in case you're not completely convinced yet!

How much is the shipping?

The shipping inside of Austria is 2,70€.

The rest of Europe starts from 5,90€

And the rest of the world is 15,10€

If you can`t find your country, just write us an e-mail! (