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The Founder: Anika

Hi, my name is Anika!


Most of the time you will write with me or call me if you have any questions. Since you show me great confidence in this way, you should definitely also know who you are dealing with!


I am a suburban Viennese.

Meaning, that I was born in Vienna, but I was lucky enough to grow up near the forest with a garden and dogs. Nature has shaped me and if I don't get out for two days in a row, I get restless.


Anika can be booked for lectures, workshops and keynotes.


While studying human biology, I discovered barefoot shoes and a whole new world opened up to me! Why is it that almost nobody knows that there are such shoes that simply don't pinch? I began to get others excited about it and devoured the book “Born to Run”. Thats how I got the running fever - and above all: the barefoot running fever.

But there was a problem: there were no barefoot sandals!

What should you do in summer?


So I crafted my own sandals after the idea of Born to Run. At the same time, I started a part-time job at Vivobarefoot to learn absolutely everything about barefoot shoes.

My environment was enthusiastic about my sandals and soon my friends also wanted some, and then their friends and acquaintances.

Before I knew it, I spent my student days with scraps of leather and rubber soles instead of books and documents.


True to the motto “Go hard or go home”, I marched to the shoemaker's guild and registered my trade. Since then, I've been tinkering with the materials and trying to optimize wherever possible. As a nature lover, sustainability and environmental protection are particularly important to me.

I actually completed the human biology bachelor's degree and since then I have devoted myself full-time to the Geniale Sandale. When I'm not currently lacing some orders, you can still find me in the forest - very likely running and with Geniale Sandale on my feet!

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