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Vienna City (Half)Marathon

On April 23, the founder herself ran the half marathon with the Geniale Sandale!

Here is the highly professional running report.

"Oh boy, that's some weird running shoes!"

"And this lasts?"

"Doesn't it hurt at all?"

Actually, I came to run, but all the nice conversations that have resulted from my unique footwear have sweetened the time.

Whereby footwear is probably the wrong term.

Compared to the other feet there, mine were yes directly nudist on the road.

Spoiler alert:

Yes, it lasted and no, it did not hurt!

On the contrary, my toes felt wonderfully liberated, and really enjoyed the fresh air.

I didn't have to stop once to readjust.

One of the most common questions was the following:

Is it even healthy for your feet to run on concrete for so long? Isn't it too hard?

The answer is: it's a matter of technique. If you keep running with a heelstrike with big, jumpy steps, your feet will soon hurt, and subsequently your knees and hips.

But this will happen sooner or later, even on the softest forest floor.

It is therefore important to take small steps, and to strike only below the center of gravity, not above it.

The knee should not land fully extended, but slightly bent. The forward thrust comes from the foot going backwards movement.

The ball of the foot lands first, and the heel "kisses" the ground only briefly afterwards. (Front strike)

To control yourself with this (natural) running technique, flat, hard, even ground is even best: concrete.

And as always, of course: start slowly, increase slowly!

If the muscles are not yet used to running barefoot, then please really approach it in slow motion to avoid overloading!

For me it was a very successful run, and definitely not my last half marathon! Who knows, maybe even a full marathon will follow?


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