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We were looking for a long time for a vegan alternative that meets our robustness requirements.

Finally we have found it!

It is UV and salt water resistant and has outstanding abrasion resistance.
When we say a material can withstand just about anything, we mean our vegan leather.

Originally developed for the medical field, it not only complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - Class 1, but is also a pioneer in biocompatibility, as well as free of harmful substances.


Woodleather® is a fabric made from woodfiber. It is vegan, plastic-free, sustainable and biodegradable.Unfortunately, it turned out that it's just not durable enough for our needs.


Woodleather is made of natural fibers and is not chemically sealed. As a result, individual fibers come loose over time due to friction. This very soon no longer looks nice and the color is lost over time.


The remaining stocks are given away as B-grade for a small price - while stocks last!

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