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Sizing Chart


If you're not sure, just take a look at our great size chart here!


If in doubt, choose the sandals rather too big and fit them with the help of our lacing instructions easily yourself!


To easily determine the correct size, measure your own foot lengh while standing. The length and width of the sandals are given in centimeters.

In terms of length, we recommend that you take 0.5–1 cm more than your own foot length. (Whereby applies: Better too big than too small, it is always possible to customize it yourself!)

You should not protrude in width, anything else you can easily adjust yourself.

EU&UK Größen.jpg

This fancy chart is also available for download as a PDF here:


Size Chart EU&UK



Sizes 36 - 46 are always in stock, for all other sizes it is best to just ask briefly:



The chart for US-sizes is also available for download as a PDF here:

Sizing Chart US

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